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"Jenny's gifts are numerous. In her private teaching she gives sensitive direction that is both challenging and supportive. She can quickly identify my chronic pain and limitations and her approach to these struggles is fresh. She respects where I am in my practice and always meets me there with kindness, while encouraging me to go just a little deeper. When I practice with Jenny I feel her great commitment to helping me move more freely. She has an interesting way of articulating her observations about yoga and personal practice, and her playful remarks are insightful and often profound. Jenny is a humorous, fun, creative and loving teacher. Her keen interest and passion for movement and healing inspires me to practice in a new, thoughtful and pain free way."

- Dionne W.

"Jenny is a gifted yoga teacher. She has transformed my experience of living and breathing in my body and through her guidance, I have healed injuries and reduced tensions dating back many decades. Through it all, I am stronger, more open, more focused and increasingly inspired to keep traveling on my yoga journey."

- Sarah E.

"For both group classes and private sessions Jenny offers consistently quality instruction. She has a gift for carefully describing each pose and demonstrating the subtle adjustments that allow me to experience my practice to the fullest. At the individual level she has done a wonderful job listening to and understanding my unique needs as I manage injury, helping me to develop a practice that best serves my body. She's a terrific go-to yoga instructor - I walk out of every class knowing and feeling that I have done something hugely beneficial for both mind and body!"

- Megan V. 

"I have worked with Jenny for about a year before she moved to Houston. I have never done yoga before. I have found her to be extremely knowledgeable and very patient teacher. She is very in tune with what my body can do and has given me great advice in regard to my various aches and pains. I would highly recommend Jenny as your yoga teacher. She will surpass your expectations."

- Anita J.

"Jenny Lim's classes are sweet but powerful. She teaches with a softness that guides each pose, encouraging the body to slowly unravel and enliven. Her attention to breath and her focused instruction make each class an immersive experience--fun, creative, and full of life!"

- Caroline C.

"Over the past three years, Jenny's simple, compassionate style as well as her attention to the individual needs of her students has helped turn my yoga practice into a very enriching part of my life. She has taught me to modify my practice to make a number of poses more accessible. Jenny has also taught me how to bring ease into my practice while testing my limits. Learning from Jenny has been a very enriching experience because she does a great job of integrating the physical and philosophical aspects of yoga into her teaching."

- Eric F.